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Meet, this is Titus, the most unique pit bull in the whole universe

 Today you will have the opportunity to see one of the rarest dogs in the world and get acquainted with him.

At first you definitely thought that this is an ordinary cheetah.

Only after careful observation can it be understood that this is not the case. It turns out that this is a pit bull with a very unique appearance.

His name is Titus and he is not a predator. With his appearance he is the rarest pit bull on earth. He is the only one on the whole planet.

He differs from other dogs of this breed in that he looks like a cheetah. Her beauty is simply indescribable.

Experts note that such a mutation can not be considered natural․ There are several ways to create it.

Some mentioned the possibility of modern technologies, while others mentioned the use of spots with special materials.

There were many hypotheses and doubts, because the owners had posted only one photo on the Internet at first.

It appeared from the picture that Titus was sitting in a room for pets, and it seemed that the spots on his body appeared after painting with ink. Many assumed that his unusual and unique appearance was entirely Photoshop.

Despite these different assumptions and views, the owners stated that Titos’s fur is 100% natural, and of course real.

He also refused to share more photos of the dog, noting that Titus is his girlfriend’s dog,and he will do it after getting his girlfriend’s permission.

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